‘Tis the season for ghosts, ghouls and creepy creatures. Yes, Halloween will soon be upon us. If you need some help getting into the spooky spirit, a Broward theater company promises to give you chills with a new interactive horror show.

Halloween is almost here, but now you can experience a night of fright at the “Theatre of Terror.”

Actor: “Welcome, everyone!”

The Foundry in Wilton Manors presents an evening of horror: a play where you can get involved.

Erynn Dalton, Infinite Abyss Productions: “It’s very much based on the old Vincent Price, 1970s Hammer horror films like “Dracula,” “The Curse of Frankenstein.” It has that vibe to it, but it’s interactive.”

Actor: “Aren’t you people going to do something? Oh, my God!”

The audience starts in an alley, then moves from room to room, encountering unspeakable horrors.

And the plot? It’s a tale of sweet revenge.

Dominick Daniel (as Alexander Vincent): “I am the true artist. It is mine! Aaaah!”

Erynn Dalton: “We have a failed Shakespearean actor, named Alexander Vincent, who kills himself, or so everybody believes, and he is resuscitated from the dead, and he comes back to kill all of his critics.”

Dominick Daniel (as Alexander Vincent): “I’m no longer asleep but awake!”

Dominick Daniel: “He goes about and takes revenge on the people who have done him wrong.”

The characters range from creepy to campy.

Dominick Daniel (as Alexander Vincent): “Let us read what this swine has written about me!”

Dominick Daniel: “He becomes Butch, the hairdresser, which is not Shakespearean, but it’s a very colorful character.”

We won’t give away the ending, but let’s just say Vincent gets his revenge.

Theatergoer 1: “It was exciting, but I wanted him to kill him in the end.”

Theatergoer 2: “I liked the beauty salon.”

The critics have spoken. The “Theatre of Terror” is a Halloween hit.

Dominick Daniel: “Once you get that mood, lighting, and you give ’em a good fright, you’re right there in the Halloween spirit.”


Infinite Abyss Productions @ The Abyss Theatre
2238, 2304 N Dixie Highway
Wilton Manors, FL 33305
(954) 489-8440

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