William Levy becomes zombie slayer in 6th “Resident Evil’

From mutants to vampires. they’re invading theaters this weekend, but not if William Levy has anything to say about it. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet sat down with the Miami native to chat about his new movie, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.”

Milla Jovovich (as Alice): “I can’t remember much before all this started. Sometimes I feel like this has been my whole life.”

Well, maybe not her whole life, but for Milla Jovovich, “Resident Evil” movies have been a staple for the last 15 years. This one, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” is the sixth in the franchise.

Milla Jovovich (as Alice): “Grab some gear. This is what I do.”

She’s back as Alice, a zombie killing machine, and joining her this time around is Miami native William Levy, and he had to learn how to kill zombies awfully quickly.

Chris Van Vliet: “When you get a role like this, what’s your lead time from when you say yes to when you finally have to step on set and be ready to go, be in shape?”

William Levy: “I only had five days.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What?!”

William Levy: “My agents called me, and my manager was on the phone saying, ‘William, they are offering you in the last movie of the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise. Read the script. If you like it, you’re going to go to South Africa in five days.’ And I’m like, ‘What?!'”

Ali Larter (as Claire Redfield): “What do we do?”

William Levy (as Christian): “Why the hell are we asking her? She’s a stranger. We shouldn’t have brought her.”

“The Final Chapter” picks up three weeks after the last movie, with Alice banding together with other humans who survived the zombie apocalypse.

Fraser James (as Razor): “What are we going to do?”

Milla Jovovich (as Alice): “We’re going to kill every last one of them.”

William tells us keeping up with co-stars Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter was no walk in the park. Actually, it didn’t involve any walking at all.

William Levy: “Running back and forth, at some point you suddenly get tired. You get tired of running back and forth, and then you see these two women that — they don’t get tired. They’re there annoyed. ‘Come on! Let’s go. We’re ready.'”

William Levy (as Christian): “You listen to me, dawg. You’re going to regret it. All of you.”

Chris Van Vliet: “So the movie is called ‘The Final Chapter,’ but i know how they do this in the film industry. Is this really going to be the final chapter?”

William Levy: “I think so. I don’t know, man. It could be, it could not be. I guess you never know if this is the last.”

Chris Van Vliet: “But if you’re putting it in the title, I feel like…”

William Levy: “It is or it’s not. Maybe in three years you’re going to see ‘The Final Final Chapter.'”

Chris Van Vliet: “‘The Finalist of the Final Chapters!””

William Levy: “Yeah, ’cause you know, I mean — who knows, man.”

Milla Jovovich (as Alice): “Is that all you got? Because if it is, I’m going ot have to kill you.”

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