Now this is a story all about how his life got flipped, turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there: let us tell you how Jabari Banks became the prince of a town called Bel-Air…. how’d we do?

No doubt about it, Will Smith is a major movie star with box office hits like “Bad Boys for Life.”

He got a start on TV though, and he wasn’t playing a fancy cop.

Smith became a household name on the popular 90s series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

The show introduced his bigger-than-life humor to fans.

Now that Will is Hollywood royalty, he’s passing the Fresh Prince torch.

The actor surprised newcomer Jabari Banks via Zoom.

Banks is from West Philly, just like the Fresh Prince character.

Smith: “What’s up, Philly? What’s up, Philly?”

Banks: “What’s up? I’m good, I’m good!”

After a quick hello, Smith got down to business.

Smith: “From the deepest parts of my heart, I want to say congratulations to you. You have the role of Will on Bel-Air.”

Banks couldn’t believe his luck.

Banks: “I’m ready, I’m so ready, yo. I’m ready to bite down.”

Smith: “When did you first hear about and decide to pursue the role?”

Banks: “So my dad sent me, actually, this article about it. He was like, ‘Yo, you should really do this,’ and I was like, ‘Dad, that’s not how auditions work.'”

But as fate would have it, a few months later, Banks scored the audition.

Smith: “I’m looking forward to being an asset for you in this process as you build out your life and build out your career.”

Banks: “Like, like, the way this show has impacted me and my life… it’s so incredible to hear you say that.”

And just like that, a new prince is born!

Wonder if he knows how to do the Carlton dance?

Banks: “Thank you so much, I’m so grateful.”

Bel-Air is based on a viral video that reimagined the sitcom as a drama series. It will start with two seasons.

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