Will Smith goes head-to-head against himself in ‘Gemini Man’

Speaking of “Gemini Man,” with great power comes great clone-ability. It’s two Will Smiths for the price of one! Will’s telling Deco all about the new movie, and the amazing technology behind it.

Will Smith (as Henry Brogan): “And of all the people in the world to come after me, why would he send you?”

Will Smith (as Junior): “Because I’m the best.”

Will Smith (as Henry Brogan): “You are obviously not the best.”

Talk about the ultimate face-off!

Will Smith is going head to head with himself in “Gemini Man.”

Will Smith (as Henry Brogan): “I don’t wanna shoot you.”

Will Smith (as Junior): “Mind if I shoot you?”

Will Smith: “It’s intriguing. It’s scary.”

Will plays Henry Brogan, an aging government assassin who decides he’s had enough of that lifestyle.

Will Smith: “He’s done a lot of things that he is not happy about, and he wants out. He retires from the agency, and they send someone to kill him.”

And the guy isn’t just good, he’s real good.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (as Danny Zakarweski): “Think I know why he’s as good as you. He is you.”

Enter Will Smith number two.

Junior is a cloned version of Henry, who’s not only younger but faster, and the technology used in the movie to make it all possible is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Will Smith: “My physical body is not being used. It is a 100% computer generated, 23-year-old, photo-realistic version of myself.”

Will just turned 51 last month, and he tells Deco that playing a younger version of himself made him realize something important.

Will Smith: “People generally think of the wisdom of age as being more powerful, but as I was looking, and as I was playing these characters, there’s a certain power to naiveté. There’s a serious power to not knowing you can’t do something.”

That totally makes sense, but we also wanna know what advice he’d give his 23-year-old self.

Will Smith: “I wouldn’t tell him anything. I wouldn’t tell him not a single thing. He had a couple of really solid ideas that ultimately would never make him happy, but they were on the right track, so I would leave him alone.”

Will Smith (as Junior): “You’re just trying to rattle me.”

Will Smith (as Henry Brogan): “I’m trying to save you!”

“Gemini Man” hits theaters on Friday.

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