‘Wild things’ turned into couture with Maryjane Claverol’s designs

Did you know you can wear them or hang bugs, spiders and crustaceans on your wall? It’s true, thanks to artist Maryjane Claverol. She’s mastered the mystery of wild things, and tonight her creations are one of Shireen’s Favorite Things.

Unexpected, eclectic and different.

Maryjane Claverol: “I design what I like.”

That’s how artist Maryjane Claverol describes her one-of-a-kind creations.

She refers to them as her “universe.”

We caught up with Maryjane at her studio in the Leah Arts District in Hialeah.

Her main medium? Wild Things.

Maryjane Claverol: “Spiders, tarantulas, alligators or small insects, like cockroaches. Those are things that really freak me out.”

Making her own phobias fabulous is her passion.

Maryjane Claverol: “Gradually and organically, it appeared to be a really good hobby for me.”

All insects, crustaceans and animals are procured humanely.

Maryjane Claverol: “I turn them into very nice, beautiful and socially accepted objects.”

Whatever bugs her turns into home decor, wall art and jewelry.

Shireen Sandoval: “So you’re teaching me to love my cockroaches at home?”

Maryjane Claverol: “Exactly. Just put Swarovski on them.”

Shireen Sandoval: “There you go.”

For the blog, Maryjane styled me in her statement necklaces and bedazzled sunglasses.

Multicolored, pretty pastels and basic black — you name it, she makes it.

Maryjane also collects vintage. I’m wearing one of her dresses. (She insisted.)

She also dabbles in short fashion films like this one, called “Super Pink.”

Whether it’s film, fashion or couture cockroaches…

Shireen Sandoval: “Wait, wait, before you run under the refrigerator. I have to bedazzle you!”

Finding beauty in wild things is one of Maryjane’s favorite things and now, it’s one of mine, too.


Maryjane Claverol
1050 E 17th St.
Hialeah, FL 33010
(786) 202-2702

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