Who’s The Boss? Springsteen upstaged in Norway

(WSVN) - Bruce Springsteen is traveling the world on his The River Tour 2016, but at his stop in Norway, The Boss got upstaged. A young British girl stole the show.

It was a sunny day for a little girl at Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Oslo.

Bruce Springsteen: “I’m waiting, waiting on a sunny day. Cheers.”

Four-year-old Hope caught Bruce’s attention early in the night.

And talk about a souvenir! The Grammy winner handed the kid his harmonica.

Bruce Springsteen: “You smile…?”

Hope is a lucky girl, because The Boss saw her homemade sign and came back over.

Ellie Stoneley: “The sign said, ‘Please, Bruce, can I sing ‘Sunny Day?'”

And how could he resist? Bruce gave Hope a hand up, and after waiting, it was Hope’s turn on the mic.

Hope (singing): “I’m waiting. Waiting on a sunny day, gonna chase the clouds away waiting on a sunny day. Cheers.”

The kid stole the show.

Hope told CNN her favorite part of the night was when Bruce lifted her up. She had no fear.

Hope: “Happy. I wasn’t scared at all.”

And she had a special message for her duet partner…

Hope: “I love you.”

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