‘Whitney’ film offers fans a glimpse into the superstar’s life

The world fell in love with Whitney Houston from the moment she opened her mouth to sing. A new, self-titled documentary about the late performer hits theaters Friday. It takes us inside a life that was anything but simple and easy.

Whitney Houston: “There were times when I would look up to God and I’d go ‘Why is this happening to me?'”

“Whitney” lays out the meteroic rise and ultimate fall of superstar Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston: “People think it’s so easy, but it’s not.”

Deco caught up with sister-in-law and former manager, Pat Houston, at the American Black Film Festival in Miami and got the 411 on this no-holds-barred film.

Pat Houston: “You can’t tell a story without telling the truth, and I know sometimes truth is met with opposition, but we just felt if you’re gonna tell her story you have to tell all of her story.”

The movie is a reminder that there was more to Whitney than just the songs she sang.

Pat Houston: “You know she was an icon, a music icon, but she was human flesh and a lot of times people forget.”

The ups and downs of her personal life are also under the spotlight.

Pat Houston: “They will get a sense of what her family life was like, how she dealt with things, just pure raw.”

Interviews with family members, friends and contemporaries flesh out Whitney’s story.

Michael Houston: “My mom, she was a little tough on Whitney because she knew what Whitney had.”

Fans aren’t the only ones who’ll be moved by the film. Those closest to the singer have been moved by what they’ve seen.

Pat Houston: “You know what it’s actually extremely therapeutic for the family. She was a daughter, she was a sister, you know, she was a cousin, she was a mother everybody had to share her with the world.”

The documentary may get heavy at times, but Whitney’s gifts are given plenty of room to shine.

Whitney Houston (singing): “Who do you love, say who do you love, say who do you love.”

A music legend, a troubled woman, “Whitney” presents its subject as a real person for all to see.

Pat Houston: “Fans and everyone will get to see the inside of a human life.”

“Whitney” is out in theaters now.

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