When the Bough Breaks

(WSVN) - Becoming parents is a very personal journey for a couple, but sometimes they need a third. No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

In “When the Bough Breaks,” would-be parents are running out of options, and that has them making a very bad decision.

Regina Hall (as Laura Taylor): “We tried for a long time to get pregnant. It really put the two of us through hell.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

A couple down to their last viable embryo have to literally put all their eggs in one basket: a surrogate named Anna!

Tom Nowicki (as Peter Kaye): “Are you sure you still wanna be a surrogate?”

Jaz Sinclair (as Anna Walsh): “Yes, I am.”

Regina Hall (Laura Taylor): “Look at her eyes, she means it.”

But, spoiler alert! She ends up being manipulative and crazy!

Jaz Sinclair (as Anna Walsh): “When you’re around me, my whole body reacts.”

So what drives a person who usually wouldn’t even ask to eat a co-worker’s french fry in the break room, to feel confident enough to ask to borrow someone’s womb?

Regina Hall: “We say that in the scene too, it’s crazy. You can’t pay a woman for sex but you can pay to have your baby.”

Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall play the desperatly in-love couple desperate to have a child. And when they spoke with Deco, you could see the chemistry!

Regina Hall: “I’m looking at Morris how women look at him outside. This is how women look at Morris when we’re together. Go ahead finish the interview.”

Mor and Reg — yeah, I’m on a first-name, first-syllable basis with ’em — spent half our interview basically flirting with each other.

Regina Hall: “‘Morris, can I see you like off the set,’ and he was like ‘Why?’ And I didn’t ask anymore.”

Morris Chestnut: “Every time I called she wouldn’t pick up the phone.”

Regina Hall: “You said you didn’t have my number.”

So… back to the movie. The main lesson of the movie is: How do you keep crazy from creeping into your life?

Morris Chestnut: “You never know nowadays. I think people can disguise things so well.”

Jaz Sinclair (as Anna Walsh): “You need to be nicer to me. This is my baby. I will leave.”

And Jaz Sinclair, who plays Anna the surrogate, says sometimes people start out sane … but get lured aboard the crazy train.

Jaz Sinclair: “I think she got her first taste of power and her first time being needed.”

Regina Hall (as laura Taylor): “She does anything to hurt my child, I will kill her.”

“When the Bough Breaks” is in theaters Friday.

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