Imagine getting tons of money just for one night of sexy marital infidelity. Wait … wasn’t that the plot of “Indecent Proposal?” Yeah, but the new Netflix show “What/If” takes the idea and puts it on steroids. Deco’s iffy producer, Chris Van Vliet, talked with the hometown star.

It’s like “Indecent Proposal,” but this one has a twist. It’s a woman who’s willing to pay to sleep with a certain man. The show stars Blake Jenner, who was born and raised here in Miami and made a trip back home to chat with Deco about his new Netflix series.

Renée Zellweger (as Anne): “Are there still limitations to what you’d be willing to sacrifice? In this case, a night alone with your husband.”

That’s quite the proposition, Renée Zellweger! The new Netflix series called “What/If” is centered around that one decision. The man Renée’s character wants to spend the night with is played by Miami’s own Blake Jenner.

Chris Van Vliet: “Blake, great to see you. Welcome back.”

Blake Jenner: “Thank you so much, man.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What is it that you miss most about Miami when you’re not here?”

Blake Jenner: “The water. Yes, my family — Mom, I love you — but the water. Here you can tan, you can just run in, so that and the food.”

Renée Zellweger (as Anne): “Are you absolutely certain this is the choice you want to make?”

The show looks at how we control our own destiny by the choices we make each day.

Chris Van Vliet: “What choice do you think you made in your life that’s put you on the path you’re on right now?”

Blake Jenner: “I’m not knocking college, but I just think I went to the college of life because I graduated high school a year early and just went straight to LA, which was scary, but that determined the trajectory of my life.”

The first episode has Renée Zellweger propositioning this newlywed couple. It’s kind of like “Indecent Proposal” but on steroids.

Blake Jenner: “She says that she will fund my wife’s company for $80 million if she has one night with me, and there you go, so I’m the piece of meat in this whole thing.”

The couple takes the deal but realizes there is some major fallout.

Blake Jenner (as Sean): “How many more people need to be hurt before you get what you want?”

Now, we know you’ve been wondering since Chris said Blake’s last name was Jenner if there’s any relation to the Kardashian family.

Well, the answer is no, but Chris had to ask this:

Chris Van Vliet: “What’s the best and worst part about having your last name in Hollywood?”

Blake Jenner: “I’ve been asked if I was related to the Jenners since I was like in kindergarten. My brothers, too. Now, I just mess with people and tell them, ‘Yes, yes I am. I’m their cousin,’ and they’re like, ‘Really?’ and I’m like, ‘No.'”

“What/If” arrives on Netflix on May 24 for your bingeing pleasure, and we don’t know … $80 million is a lot of money for one night.

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