Weston teen star creates Formula Z Cosmetics makeup line

Most 16-year-olds are worrying about grades, dating and getting that perfect Instagram pic, but not Zach Dishinger. He’s busy running a cosmetics company. Deco caught up with Zach and dished on how he wants to beautify your life — one lipstick tube at a time.

Zach Dishinger (in YouTube video): “Hey, everyone. What’s going on? It’s Zach Dishinger.”

This is how Zach Dishinger is known by his fans — through his makeup tutorial YouTube channel.

But now the Weston teen is taking his love of cosmetics to the bank.

Zach Dishinger: “It actually started in the kitchen. I would take my mom’s makeup and mix all these bronzers and lipsticks together to make the perfect shade ranges and textures.”

Zach’s mad-scientist approach led to his first company, Formula Z Cosmetics.

Zach Dishinger: “Formula Z Cosmetics is 100 percent unapologetic beauty.”

At center stage? A liquid lipstick that promises to put your lips in the spotlight.

Zach Dishinger: “My formula is infused with a ton of essentials like vitamin E, so they’re gonna be really creamy, really supple. One-hundred percent cruelty-free and vegan.”

And the colors are out of this world.

Zach Dishinger: “Our neon grape is called Bowie, obviously after David Bowie, one of my favorite artists. I like everything Ziggy Stardust, everything ‘Life On Mars.’ There’s also SoHo, which is a gorgeous chocolate brown. And ‘Cabaret,’ which is my favorite Broadway musical.”

Zach’s parents say he was born to perform.

Tara Dishinger, mom: “Zach, I think since he could pretty much walk and talk, he was always really into performing. Definitely always had a special passion for makeup.”

Jim Dishinger, dad: “He’s 16. He just got his driver’s license, he’s got high school, he’s got social activities, now he’s got his SATs, so he’s juggling a lot. We saw that he was serious, and we support him 100 percent.”

The formula for success doesn’t stop there.

The company donates money to the Trevor Project, a group that provides intervention and suicide prevention to LGBTQ youth.

Zach Dishinger: “I like to say it’s more than just a lipstick. We’re a company with a purpose.”

You can get Formula Z online, and if you need advice, Zach’s just a click away.

Zach Dishinger: “The reason I keep doing what I do is because I love seeing the reaction on people’s faces once I transform their face with Formula Z Cosmetics.”


Formula Z Cosmetics

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