Wendy Williams kicks off tour to celebrate 10 years on air

Ten years and still going strong! Wendy Williams is celebrating her on-air milestone by taking her show on the road. She’s got a sold-out show going down in South Florida right now. We caught up with the always fun and fashionable Wendy just a little bit ago.

Wendy Williams (on The Wendy Williams Show): “Woo, woo, woo.”

The great Wendy Williams has brought her special talents to South Beach. She’s got a show tonight at the Fillmore.

We were chatting it up with her this evening, and we obviously had to ask —

Wendy Williams (on The Wendy Williams Show): “How you doin’, how you doin’, how you doin’?”

Wendy’s in town for her 10-city tour to celebrate 10 years on the air!

Check out all the Wendy watchers who waited to see her show in Charlotte Thursday night.

She’s gotta be pleased with how the tour has been going so far!

Wendy Williams: “I love being on the road and seeing my Wendy watchers from city-to-city. I’m a sister in some people’s head, a daughter in other people’s head, and enemy in a lot of people’s head, but they still watch.”

Wendy’s got family in the 305. She’s basically an honorary resident. She dished about what spots she likes to hit up when she’s here.

One of the many things fans love about her show is the “Ask Wendy” segment.

Wendy Williams (on “The Wendy Williams Show”): “A big part of it is being able to fight your own battles without calling other people for backup.”

It turns out Deco could use some of Wendy’s advice.

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen this the other day.

Shireen Sandoval: “Brad and Angelina, more on their divorce … Stop it!”

Chris Van Vliet: “I just wish I had earrings like those.”

Shireen Sandoval: “I’m gonna kill him!”

So, Wendy, how do Shireen and I keep the peace until Lynn gets back to restore order?

Wendy Williams: “They’ve got to get along for the purpose of their jobs, and that’s the real deal.”

You know the drill.

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