Welcome to Miami Beach’s first whiskey bar

(WSVN) - Mark Twain once said: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Here’s some news that’ll put a smile on ol’ Mark’s face. There’s a place in the 305 that’s dedicated to serving up his favorite liquor.

Welcome to Commonwealth — Miami Beach’s first whiskey bar.

Kip Byrnes, Commonwealth: “We feature over 120 whiskeys. We also feature 10 specialty cocktails with all fresh ingredients.”

The place is like the United Nations of whiskey. Brands from around the globe stand tall behind the bar.

Kip Byrnes: “So we have American bourbons, American ryes, American whiskeys. We showcase a number of Japanese whiskeys. We also feature Irish, Scottish, Canadian…”

If you’re a traditionalist, there’s always a shot waiting for you.

The more adventurous drinkers might try one of the specialty cocktails, like the “Toki Whiskey Flamingo.”

Kip Byrnes: “Which is made with Toki Japanese Whiskey stirred with Angostura, charred, grapefruit-infused Cocchi vermouth.”

The crowning touch: a fresh grapefruit peel.

“Strawberry Feelings” is another unique libation. It’s a mix of Dickel bourbon, strawberry balsamic reduction and Angostura bitters topped with a strawberry.

I’d like to offer a toast to the creative types who come up with new drinks.

Kip Byrnes: “It’s an ongoing process where we’re constantly tweaking and keeping up with the freshness. That’s key.”

You don’t have to drink on an empty stomach. The kitchen turns out top-shelf eats that are meant to be savored with your drink of choice.

Kip Byrnes: “Being very passionate about our trade, we were able to synergize and come together and create a great — I don’t want to say bar menu — I think that’s underplaying what we do here.”

The vibe in Commonwealth is special, too. The lights are low and lit candles are everywhere.

You can mingle in the front room or hang in the abbey, where pictures of whiskey barrels adorn the walls.

Joey Orozco: “I think the place is great. It’s got great food and great music, great selection of whiskey and bourbon. I really like it.”

Commonwealth Miami
1216 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(786) 773-1813

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