Fashion is our passion here at Deco Drive. From shoes to hats, we like playing dress up. But for a long time, there was one color that was off limits for nearly half the year … until now!

We saw Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Claire Foy wear it during this year’s Emmy awards.

And we’ve seen Reese Witherspoon wear it on social media.

Wearing white after Labor Day used to be a no no, but now it’s white hot.

Dana Goldberg, founder: “Designers have recently thrown the white after Labor Day thing out the window because they realize it is something refreshing and happy.”

So why was wearing white after Labor Day a faux pas?

Dana Goldberg: “Normally people didn’t wear white after Labor Day because it indicated that summer was ending and it was time to get into your fall work/ education mode.”

Now that it’s cool to wear white, Deco headed to the Bungalow Bazaar in Miami to check out this sizzling trend.

Dana Goldberg: “The Bungalow Bazaar specializes in resort wear 12 months out of the year and also includes a little New York edge.”

Wearing white year round is not only acceptable … it’s expected.

Dana Goldberg: “There are lots of fun things we can do with the fabrications to make them look more winter or fall.”

Go for a white romper with silver bands by Regine Chevallier, or these white jeans with a Gomez-Gracia fringe jacket.

Dana Goldberg: “Designers are styling their collection these days so you can wear white after Labor Day by pairing it with a boot or accessory that doesn’t indicate it’s summer time and maybe allows you to wear the white in other seasons.”

Bright colored heels, a sleek black Gomez-Gracia top and these Bungalow Bazaar white pants are perfect for going out on the town.

Dana Goldberg: “This caftan by Ella, it’s a simple easy flow caftan embellished with crystals and great for entertaining for the holidays.”

We will just chalk this one up to an old school fashion rule that was made to be broken!

Dana Goldberg: “In Miami, we are used to wearing it all year round, but there is no way you will go to any other state and get looked upon you are dressing any other way other than chic.”


Bungalow Bazaar
7520 NE 4th Court, Suite 106 (4.01 mi)
Miami Beach, Florida 33138

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