Wash My Whip green car cleaning service comes to you

You may not know this, but your car says a lot about you. And if your car is dirty, it’s telling people you’re disgusting and possibly a terrible human being. But thanks to a new app, you can change all that.

I get it. It’s hard to find time to bring your car to the car wash, but with this new service, all you need is your smartphone.

Many of us wash our cars at a car wash, but now there’s a new way to wash your whip using your phone.

Nathan Bekerman, Wash My Whip CEO: “Convenience is something everyone is demanding, and in the car wash industry, it just wasn’t being delivered.”

Wash My Whip is an on-demand, waterless car cleaning service now in Miami. It’s like the Uber of car washing, because the cleaning crew comes to you!

Nathan Bekerman: “You just drop a pin wherever your car is located, whether it’s at your office, at your home or anywhere in between. You select the time range for your car, so when your car is gonna be available to come and clean it.”

Cleaning pros make your car shine using just a small amount of water. Turns out it’s good for your car and the environment.

Nathan Bekerman: “A traditional car wash wastes 50 to 100 gallons of water every time they clean it, and we use less than a cup. Within our products, there are a couple different properties. There’s lubricants, detoxifiers and emulsifiers that basically soften the dirt on your car, and with a microfiber towel, we lift the dirt off your car without scratching.”

Rachael Bickford uses the service to wash her whip.

Rachael Bickford: “It’s super convenient. I always like to have a clean car, but I hate going to the car wash and waiting 30 minutes. But with this I can get it done at work or at home, anywhere.”

A basic wash starts at just $20. A small price to pay to get green and clean.

Nathan Bekerman: “The car says a lot about who you are, and we all have had that experience where you walk into a friend’s car where it doesn’t look as clean and you kind of think a little bit less of him, maybe?” (laughs)

Wash My Whip is available on the Apple app store and Google Play. The service is available in Miami — and also Philly and Atlanta if you happen to be there with a dirty car.



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