Some people may not believe in war, but for two young hustlers from Miami, war was big business. Especially when you snag a big money deal with the Pentagon to supply guns for the war. That’s the story behind “War Dogs.” Stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller told Deco why they loved playing the gun runners and shooting in the Magic City.

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller have more money than they know what to do with in “War Dogs”.

Jonah Hill: “A war dog is someone who profits off of war without ever stepping foot on a battlefield.”

The film tells the true story of two best friends in their 20s, living in Miami, who happen to be international arms dealers.

Miles Teller: “I love the arc that these guys go through. I think it’s very unique, and I enjoyed the fact that we were able to put it on screen because it’s a dynamic relationship, for sure.”

Jonah could not believe how much money the gun runners made by bidding on U.S. military contracts during the first Iraqi war.

Jonah Hill: “These two amateur idiots get to operate at such a high level, at such a dangerous job and do it legally, and it’s just insane.”

But betrayal becomes part of the game when they win a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to supply guns to America’s allies in Afghanistan, and things do not go as planned.

Miles Teller: “One of our characters is a little more committed to that relationship and building it.”

Sure, the two loved working together, but they could not stop raving about one of their co-stars: the City of Miami.

Jonah Hill: “I loved shooting there.”

Miles Teller: “I love the beaches.”

Jonah Hill: “I just love the color, like, everyone’s so, like, vibrant. And it’s got a large Cuban culture. I love that culture.”

They also enjoyed doing other things in the Magic City.

Jonah Hill: “My favorite thing was watching Deco Drive.”

Miles Teller: “I DVR’d every time it’s on.”

Aww, we appreciate the love.

“War Dogs” opens in theaters on Friday, Aug. 19.

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