Someone let the dogs out in L.A. Not real dogs — war dogs. The cast of “War Dogs” got all dressed up and they had some place special to go.

It was a star-studded premiere for the movie “War Dogs.” The movie’s stars Jonah Hill, Miles Teller and Bradley Cooper hit the Red Carpet in L.A.

“War Dogs” is based on the true story of two 20-somethings from SoFlo, who end up getting an arms deal with the U.S. Government.

Miles Teller: “It’s not like these guys had masters degrees. They were very smart businessmen, Jonah’s character is kind of the guy pushing the envelope a little bit.”

In the movie, as in real life, the two childhood buddies find themselves suddenly up to their armpits in the gun running business.

Miles Teller: “They were best friends growing up, then he left and he comes back, with this idea… ‘Look, I was buying and selling weapons to gun nuts on the internet, this is what I’m doing now, but it’s not gun nuts. I’m selling it to the Pentagon.'”

For director Todd Phillips, the story was too good to be true.

Todd Phillips: “Sometimes in life, truth is stranger than fiction and this just became one of those stories.”

After reading about the pair — the movie’s big wigs knew it had to be in theaters.

Todd Phillips: “And after I’d read that article in Rolling Stone, I was just like, ‘This doesn’t make sense, I don’t believe this,’ and the more we looked into it and the more we unpacked that story, the more it just kept feeling like a movie to me.”

Turns out — you can really find anything you want on the internet.

Miles Teller: “I think this movie does a really good job of explaining that process. It’s still around like FedBizOps, you just go on this website, it’s an auction, and it opens it up to small businesses. Most of what these guys did was not illegal.”

“War Dogs” hits theaters on Aug. 19.

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