Normally, we love relationship drama — when it’s not ours, of course — but one couple’s bickering takes an unexpectedly deadly turn in a new movie starring Sienna Miller and Diego Luna. For more, we go to Deco’s Alex Miranda.

“Wander Darkly” isn’t your typical Hollywood drama. Like, normally, when a couple goes out on a date night, they’re alive for all of it, but for one couple, there could be an upside to everything crashing down.

Questioning the direction of a relationship?

Sienna Miller (as Adrienne): “Are you happy?”

Diego Luna (as Matteo): “Yeah, sure.”

Sienna Miller (as Adrienne): “Oh, that’s convincing.”

In the new surreal drama “Wander Darkly,” one couple gets a wake-up call they did not see coming.

Sienna Miller (as Adrienne): “Why are we even together?”

Diego Luna (as Matteo): “We have a newborn baby, we just closed escrow. Do you wanna split up?”

Sienna Miller plays Adrienne, a new mother who gets into a serious car serious accident with her partner, Matteo, played by Gabriel Luna, but after waking up in the hospital, she is convinced she’s actually dead — or close to it.

Alex Miranda: “You’ve got to dig deep for a role like this, right? We’re talking about layers and layers of acting.”

Sienna Miller: “I think I really hit, like, the depths of whatever grief exists in me, or what I could access. I felt like there was no further that I could go with it.”

It’s a metaphysical story where the past becomes present … and future.

Diego Luna (as Matteo): “Should we start from the beginning?”

Sienna Miller (as Adrienne): “Of time?”

Diego Luna (as Matteo): “Of us.”

Diego Luna: “I love the reflection of memory, and how the same event can be so different for you, even though we were there together.”

Alex Miranda: “I think we all connect to this, right? Because, if we’re having issues in a relationship, we always think back to the beginning.”

Sienna Miller: “The idea of going back to the inception of a relationship and unpicking that with your partner, that was the piece that I found really intriguing, and I knew as an actor, to go on that kind of a journey would be really challenging.”

Which can make on-set chemistry that much more important.

Sienna Miller: “If I’d had anybody else opposite me, I don’t know that I would have been able to be what I was in this film, which was open.”

Diego Luna (as Matteo): “This was real. This is real.”

Sienna Miller: “I think we really needed to lean on each other to get through it. It was hard.”

And it just might get those wheels turning.

Diego Luna: “There is no way not to start asking yourself personal questions about the relations you’ve had in life.”

You can watch “Wander Darkly” on digital and On Demand this Friday.

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