Burn calories while consuming them! A moving food festival is letting you support local restaurants while satisfying your appetite, and all you really have to do is eat some good food.

Step one — walk.

Step two — grub.

Walk + Grub is as simple as the name suggests.

Diego Caiola, Walk + Grub: “Walk + Grub is a non-group, non-escorted walking food festival that promotes local restaurants to the community.”

It’s like a pub crawl but with restaurants.

Jimmy Egas, Walk + Grub: “It’s just really small groups. Everybody gets one map, one wristband, and they all get to walk around to the different restaurants at their own time, at their own pace.”

Nine restaurants on South Beach are part of the festival going down this Thursday at 6:30.

We stopped by 9Beach Latin restaurant, Cheeseburger Baby and Bella Cuba for a taste.

Omar Jimenez, Bella Cuba: “Closing down was really tough for us and for a lot of the other businesses in the area, so we want to make sure absolutely everybody in the community knows we’re back open.”

Bella Cuba will be offering up samples of their Cuban oxtail stew — yummy.

Daniel Velasquez, customer: “It was really sweet, really flavorful. I’m Latino, so I can tell when it’s the real thing, and that was the real thing for sure.”

Just a block away, Cheeseburger Baby is cooking up some delicious sliders.

Just grab, enjoy and go!

Nicole Selman, customer: “Very juicy, original. It was very simple, so it was very impressive. The taste was just different.”

And 9Beach has a whole smorgasbord of menu items they want you to taste.

The whole purpose of all this? Locals helping support local businesses.

Diego Caiola: “After two hours of sampling food from all different restaurants, they’re gonna wanna know, ‘Where should we go next?’ ‘Which restaurant was the best spot?’ And that’s the return customer.”

The event is $25 per person.

Walk + Grub” will also be coming to Wynwood, Hollywood and Brickell.


Walk + Grub

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