Wag! takes the hard work out of walking your pooch

Birds gotta fly. Fish gotta swim. Dogs gotta walk. If you have a fur baby at home, allow us to throw you a bone. There’s a dog-walking app that has all the pooches in SoFlo barking up a storm.

In this case, the answer is obvious: Wag! The dog walking app.

Jacqueline Rivera, dog walker: “It is the Uber for dogs. You make a request for a car right away, and it comes to you; you make a request for a walker and it comes to you.”

We caught up with a couple of Wag! users at Flamingo Park on South Beach to see how it all works.

Khadijah Ogutu, dog walker: “You can either book a walk immediately or you can schedule it for a specific time of the day, let’s say 12:30; or you can schedule it for about 12:30 for three months straight.”

You just select a walker in your area. And then monitor the walk in real time.

Jacqueline Rivera: “It’s a GPS feature where it’s a live map that shows you exactly where you’re walking with the dog.”

A 30-minute walk runs about $25.

The walker even lets you know if your four-legged friend takes care of its business.

Allow Olivia Munn to explain:

Olivia Munn (commercial): “My dog pooped!”

Thanks, Olivia!

Dog owners also get a wag lockbox to make things nice and easy.

Jacqueline Rivera: “You can put a lockbox on your door, you give us the code and you can change it as often as you like and we use the code to get in, get out.”

In this dog eat dog world, an app like Wag can really come in handy.

Jacqueline Rivera: “It’s hard when you have dogs. They can’t be home for 12 hours or eight hours. So you have that extra hand, you have that extra help. And it’s great.”

Wag doesn’t just let anyone become a walker. They have to take a test and go through a screening process first. And if you like a particular walker, you can request them as much as you want. Just get your owner’s permission, first.


Wag! Dog walking app

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