Everyone has tools of the trade. Chefs have knives, TV reporters have cameras, and one SoFlo fashion designer has scissors!

She teamed up with a local hot spot for a deal that’ll leave you feeling easy, breezy and super sexy.

Snip tease’s clothes are a cut above the rest.

Melodie Blaize: “It’s not a traditional clothing company. I pretty much alter clothing in an interesting way, using only scissors.”

The theory for Melodie Blaize and her Fort Lauderdale-based company repurpose what you’ve got!

Melodie Blaize: “I believe in reusing clothing, instead of buying fast fashion and throwing it away.”

Melodie takes a little off the top.

I mean, a little off your top for a new look.

Melodie Blaize: “With scissors, I can alter clothes to make them fit or cut out stains. I don’t think there is anything as a wrong cut, because it will turn into something else.”

Snip Tease teamed up with W Fort Lauderdale for their Sea Snip Amenity package.

Anna MacDiarmid, W Hotel: “We can have Melodie come to your room and she can do four T-shirts for $250 and for 1 hour.”

This is a hole lot of fun. The only rule, you’ve gotta book an oceanfront room.

Anna MacDiarmid, W Hotel: “She brings the uniqueness. We can add on champagne or any type of beverage and food up to your room for you to enjoy while Melodie is creating your wonderful outfit.”

If you have something you want to get snipped, bring it. Or pick from her ready-to-cut collection.

Since you’re in the clothes while they get cut up, you’re the customer and a designer too!

Melodie Blaize: “I like to work with the person. It’s a collaboration. It’s their piece, so I’d like them to get to wear it forever.”

The designs are perfect for the beach or the club. The end result is one of a kind.

Melodie Blaize: “I just let the process take over and just let my scissors go wild. It’s an experience. It’s the Snip Tease experience.

W Fort Lauderdale recommends booking a few days in advance.


W Fort Lauderdale’s Sea Snip Amenity

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