Vive le decision-free menu at L’entrecote in Sunny Isles Beach

The French have given us wine, the Statue of Liberty, and Gérard Depardieu. Now they’ve given us a decision-free restaurant. It’s a French export where you won’t spend a lot of time looking over the menu.

Deciding what to eat at L’entrecote in Sunny Isles is really easy.

Ronald Szkolnik, L’entrecote: “L’entrecote is a world famous French bistro concept.”

Here the choices are limited.

Ronald Szkolnik: “What makes us different is that we only have one set menu. We only sell one thing all year long. There’s no specials, there’s nothing different about it. It’s always the same.”

You start out with a salad topped with dijon dressing and walnuts. Then it’s on to the next course.

Ronald Szkolnik: “The only other thing we serve is our entree, which is a plate of sliced steak cooked to your liking.”

Eight ounces of top sirloin are cooked in a water bath, seasoned, then grilled to perfection and served with L’entrecote’s special sauce.

Ronald Szkolnik: “It’s a herb butter sauce. It’s got over 20 ingredients; it’s very hard to make.”

L’entrecote is dishing out nearly 150 pounds of steak a week, but the magic is in the sauce.

Ronald Szkolnik: “It’s a complex flavor. I think nobody can actually describe it because of how complex it is.”

Daniela Cohen: “The food is amazing, the service is great, the sauce is really incredible.”

And they don’t ask if you want fries with that. They just bring ’em.

Ronald Szkolnik: “You get the french fries. They’re really good, they’re really crispy, really well made, and we make them fresh every single time.”

Best of all, the fries are unlimited.

Daniela Cohen: “It’s so good, everything mixed together, and you dip the fries in the sauce, and they are great.”

The cost for dinner at L’entrecote is about $30.

18146 Collins Ave.
Sunny Isles Beach FL 33160

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