Hair ye, hair ye! Vintage looks are always coming back in style! But, it’s not always about the clothes. Deco’s checking out a trend that your mom rocked in the ’60s.

When it comes to hair, Ariana Grande knows a little volume goes a long way, and this holiday season, more is more!

A ’60s staple is making a comeback.

Beehive hairdos are trending thanks to celebs like Lizzo and Rihanna.

Genesis Sensat, stylist, G’s Glow Beauty: “A classic beehive is literally the most volume that you can add to a person’s hair. It takes a lot of texturizing spray, a lot of texturizing powder and a lot of extensions.”

But Bella Hadid and Ariana have given this classic ‘do a modern twist.

Genesis Sensat: “Instead of just doing a traditional updo, these styles are nice and fun because you can play with them, and you can do a half-up, half-down.”

Stylist Genesis Sensat, founder of G’s Glow Beauty, created two looks just for Deco that highlight the perfect hair poof.

Genesis Sensat: “This look was inspired by Ariana Grande. Her main thing is like that big volume.”

To get started, you need to separate the hair and tease the strands on the top of your head with texturizing spray and powder.

That’s what’s gonna make sure everything keeps its shape and stays in place.

Genesis Sensat: “Once we have the poof done, we wanna smooth everything out by brushing the hair back.”

Add a thick headband to finish the the look, and you’re ready to make Ari proud.

Adriana Infante, customer: “I love this look. I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I missed getting glam and getting dressed up, so I’m super, super happy right now.”

Have shorter hair but still want to rock an edgy look?

Check out this Bella Hadid inspired beehive!

Genesis Sensat: “We did the half-up, half-down with the beehive up top.”))

After teasing the hair, you’re gonna twist it back and lock it in place with clips.

Using an iron on the rest of your hair, flip the ends upward for an extra playful vibe, and for accessories, go glam with some rhinestone clips.

Laura Perdomo, customer: “The half up half down definitely adds a more edgy, fun look and makes it more versatile. I definitely see myself wearing it more often.”

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