Science has given us everything from amazing views of the universe to the molecular combination of polyester. You take the good with the bad. And now it’s giving a SoFlo actress her big break. Victoria Vida has a show on Netflix — and came home to tell Deco all about it.

Victoria Vida is saving the planet — one science project at a time on Netflix’s hit show — “Project Mc².”

Victoria Vida: “Project Mc² is about four super smart girls who save the world.”

Victoria was born in Miami and grew up in Brazil, so when she came back to the 305, Deco got the dish on her Emmy-nominated show.

Victoria Vida: “The main idea of the show is that smart is the new cool. In my opinion, it always has been cool because that’s what will take you places.”

And of course since Victoria’s from SoFlo… we had to head back to one of her favorite hot spots, the forge on Miami Beach.

Victoria Vida: “You go to a restaurant, the food is great. But over here, you have these chandeliers from the White House and these church glasses from New York City. You just feel like you are in this magical place.”

The cast of Project Mc² wants girls to embrace their differences.

Victoria Vida: “The thing I love most about Project Mc² is the diversity in this group. I am very proud to represent the Latinas in the show.”

Victoria plays Adrienne Attoms — she’s the scientist and fashionista of this genius girl group.

Victoria Vida: “She is the scientist and culinary chemist of the group. The periodic table is her kitchen. That’s where she gets all of her ingredients to whip up something inexplicable that you could never imagine and it’s very delish too.”

Season 1 of Project Mc² is on Netflix now, and season two is coming soon.

And get this… there are even dolls fashioned after the Project Mc² girls.

Victoria Vida: “What I love about the show is that it empowers girls to do anything they want to do and the possibilities are endless.”

Victoria’s proving it’s hip to be square: Mc².

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