VH1 combines food and music for Musically Mastered Menu series

Mixing food and music is a recipe for success. And that’s what the VH1 Save The Music Foundation cooks up with their Musically Mastered Menu tour. The event pairs chefs and musicians in cities across the U.S., and last night, it made it’s stop in the 305.

Tank, R&B singer: “It never turns out good when you walk in here.”

This isn’t your typical duet.

The culinary and music worlds blended when R&B star Tank stepped into the kitchen at Pubbelly Station with Chef Jose Mendin.

Tank: “The fusion is great, you know, musically mastered. You can tell food and music that comes from the heart and from the soul. There’s a absolute difference. You take food and you take music and you create an experience.”

It was all for a good cause.

Tank: “It’s Save The Music, man and it’s important, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.”

Chef Jose Mendin, Pubbelly Station: “For me, it’s an honor. I want to do as much as I can.”

That event includes drinks, dinner and a performance by Tank himself…

All benefiting the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, which restores music programs in schools across the country.

Trell Thomas, Save The Music: “Music education is brain power. We’re starting in every place that there is need, and Miami is one of those places.”

For chef, being apart of this event is about giving kids an opportunity he never had growing up.

Chef Jose Mendin: “I would have loved to play an instrument or have that opportunity to learn more about music, so it’s something that I care about.”

For Tank, being in the kitchen isn’t out of the ordinary.

Tank: “When I cook… ughh. I got this signature pancake that I make.”

Did he just say pancakes??! He sure did.

For Tank and the foundation, it’s all about giving kids a chance.

Tank: “Arts for me, music for me, drawing musicians, being a musicians all these things saved my life.”

Trell Thomas: “We’re building not just musicians but better human beings.”


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