Valentine’s Day is just days away! And if you still don’t know what to get your honey– don’t worry– just think pink. Pink champagne that is! And Deco found one where you can serve up a sexy message in the bottle!

Wanna send a special message to your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Try V-Day Veuve Clicquot!

Now selling at all crown wine and spirits…

Tara O’Leary: "You can never go wrong when you give a bottle of champagne and especially on Valentine’s Day with a bit of rosé, it’s always great to drink pink."

The package is also pink and you won’t even need to think… about buying a card.

Tara O’Leary: "It’s called Veuve Cli-Call and you can actually personalize a message to your recipient, so instead of just writing a card, now you have a beautiful bottle of rosé Clicquot and you can have a personalized message to go along with it."

Tara O’Leary: "Looking at the box, you might not know that it’s a special package, but you can see the star here which has a little speaker on it, so you simply open up the box and you see a little microphone symbol, you push the button, you record your message."

Push again to end and close the box. When it opens again… voila!

Your message can be sweet and simple or a little more cheeky, but your honey will know it came straight from you!

And even better– champagne can put you in the mood.

And if you’re shy, let Veuve Cli-Call get things going for you…

Veuve Cli-Call is on sale all month at Crown Wine and Spirits for just over $60. 

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