On Valentine’s Day, love is everywhere, whether it’s in a glance, in a word or even in a big wet sloppy kiss. Luckily for most of us, you can also find it in a glass. A 954 hot spot has created romantic cocktails especially for lovers. So, drink up.

At Shooters Waterfront in Fort Lauderdale, you can sip on Valentine’s Day drinks as unique and intoxicating as your significant other.

Bryan Kennedy, mixologist: "We’re doing a handful of specialty cocktails specifically for Valentine’s Day this Sunday."

Valentine’s Day does fall on a Sunday, so we’ve got an idea. Why not feature these cocktails all weekend long?

Bryan Kennedy: "So here at Shooters, we’re calling this the "weekend of love." It’s not just a solo day just to celebrate love and passion. I guess Shooters loves "love," so that’s why we’re doing it all three days."

Creating these singular libations was much more than a one-man job.   

Bryan Kennedy: "I’d say a lot of tasting, a lot of different eyes, and a lot of different opinions and different palettes."

The drinks had to pass a serious taste test to make the cut and they had to look good, too.

Bryan Kennedy: "That’s one of the first things we looked towards. Before you’re even going to sample it, you’re going to assess what it looks like before it enters your mouth, so you’re going to create how it’s going to taste before you even taste it."

One of their Valentine’s weekend drinks is called the "Love Potion," with chocolate vodka, raspberry and chocolate liqueurs plus half and half. It’s topped with shaved dark chocolate and raspberries.

Bryan Kennedy: "It’s smooth. It’s almost like the adult chocolate milk."

Another drink is called "Hearts on Fire," made with raspberry vodka, cranberry juice and grenadine. It brings the heat, thanks to a blazing shot of Bacardi 151 Rum. Then, the cherub’s cup blends the vodka, pomegranates, and sparkling wine together. Finally, they add gin, rose water and an egg white that turns the raspberry rose fizz into a frothy delight.

There’s also a cocktail honoring the little "big" man of Valentine’s Day.

Bryan Kennedy: "Cupid’s kiss is absolutely delicious. Bailey’s liqueur is going to be thrown over some crushed ice and then about 8 to 9 muddled raspberries."

Fellas, you’ll drink anything on Valentine’s Day, as long as your lady’s happy. So a woman should have the final world on these Valentine’s Day cocktails.

Guest: "Oh, very nice, very refreshing great drink to have on Valentine’s."

Shooters Waterfront
3033 N.E. 32nd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, 33308
(954) 566-2855

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