Valentine’s Day at Nautilus Hotel all about luxury loving

(WSVN) - Valentine’s Day is coming. Sure, you can go to Walgreens and get chocolates and flowers, but if you really want to do something special — and your hedge fund is doing exceptionally well — go to the top. The top of a swanky South Beach hotel, that is. Deco got a preview of a romantic package you’re going to love.

The Nautilus Hotel is one of the swankiest properties on South Beach. Now it’s time for some luxury loving.

Steven Hiblum, Nautilus Hotel general manager: “The idea is, when they walk in, they really are taken away. It’s that one night, it’s that one special night in paradise.”

The Lovers’ Rock package will have you and yours on top of the world.

Steven Hiblum: “The couple gets to stay in our signature penthouse, which boasts 1,500 square feet of space and an additional 1,500 square feet of outdoor space. The main design element here is to make it feel like a residential suite that you’re checking into, not just a penthouse. This is a penthouse you can live in.”

The package includes a massage on the terrace, along with fresh fruit and champagne.

All that relaxing can work up an appetite.

Steven Hiblum: “So dinner is actually a very special treat. Dinner is gonna be located at our backyard lawn. We’ll also have a Cuban band, local Cuban band that will play while they are having dinner.”

After a meal of steak, ceviche and seafood pasta, your penthouse awaits.

And after making Valentine’s Day one to remember, it’s time to stuff your face again.

Steven Hiblum: “They’ll wake up in the morning, have some breakfast on the terrace. After that, they’ll be driven to the marina. At the marina there will be a sailboat, a private sailboat waiting for them with a captain, that will take them out to the ocean.”

Of course, living the high life doesn’t come cheap. The Lovers’ Rock package costs $7,500, but it’s a spectacular way to say, “Be my Valentine.”

Steven Hiblum: “Makes it so romantic, very sexy also. We are in Miami Beach, so we have to keep it sexy. But definitely something they’ll remember.”

Nautilus Hotel
1825 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 503-5700

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