Valentina Bakery and Bistro masquerades dessert as fruit

Sometimes when you’re hungry for some dessert, you try to be good and have a piece of fruit instead. Lame! But a new SoFlo bakery is playing mind games with your healthy eating. They’ve got dessert masquerading as fruit!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Except wait! I’ve been duped. That’s no apple!

Vladimir Yrigoyen, chef: “We actually tried to make something. Something fresh, something we’re proud of.”

That’s how Valentina Bakery and Bistro near Mall of the Americas ended up with desserts that look like fruit.

And we’re not talking about a basic marzipan recipe here.

Vladimir Yrigoyen: “Everything is made from scratch, fresh, every single day.”

And a lot goes in to making each fruit dessert.

From preserving the fruit fillings and whipping up the mousse, to sculpting the shape of the dessert by hand.

Then comes the color coating, using melted chocolate, which is the toughest part.

Vladimir Yrigoyen: “If the coating is not the right temperature, it’s going to crack. You have to have the coating on 62, 68 Fahrenheit and the fruit has to be really completely frozen.”

The finished product is a thing of beauty, worthy of Instagram.

Vladimir Yrigoyen: “We got, in our first week on Instagram, 4,000 followers just to see the pictures of the fruit.”

So they look great, but how do they taste?

Stephanie Pasternak, customer: “It’s very crunchy on the outside, and very smooth and soft on the inside. It melts in your mouth. It’s really, really good.”

Giselle Alvarez, customer: “The pear one was sweet, but it wasn’t too sweet. It was light and refreshing and cool. It was a perfect dessert.”

Even though this isn’t actual fruit, you can pretend it is without feeling too guilty.

Vladimir Yrigoyen: “Actually they don’t have so many calories. We use just 10 percent of sugar in every single one of our fruits, so it’s not overwhelming. It’s a flavor that you want to keep eating and eating and eating.”


Valentina Bakery and Bistro
201 Park Blvd.
Miami, FL 33126
(786) 360-5350

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