Venus Williams is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. She’s also a champ in the world of fashion and interior design. Now, for just a few million dollars, you can have Venus’ style in your own home.

Venus Williams has got it all covered. The sports star got dolled up for a recent cover photo shoot for Lifestyle Magazine.

Michelle Simon, Lifestyle Magazine publisher: "She’s a powerful woman. She’s great, she’s involved in tennis philanthropy, and she’s also an interior designer."

While tennis will always be her number one passion, Venus does have "interior" motives.

Venus Williams: "There’s a moment when you find things that you’re interested in, that speak to you too and speak to your heart. Design and interior design speak to me, and I enjoy it."

The photo shoot took place at Botaniko, a new development in Weston. A sleek, modern kitchen is an example of the work of Venus’ company, V Starr Interiors.

Venus Williams: "Now, we’re doing a project here with single family homes that are just stunning."

Her career in design began with a visit to her mailbox.

Venus Williams: "When I was about 18 I got a letter in the mail that said, ‘Come to design school,’ and I said to my mom, ‘I wanna go.’"

SoFlo plays a big part in Venus’ blossoming off-the-court activities.

Venus Williams: "I have a fashion design degree from down here in Fort Lauderdale."

And life on the road has taught her much about designing.

Venus Williams: "Because I travel so much, I see what other people have done and just learn from it and absorb it."

Successful interior design is all about paying attention to the details.

Venus Williams: "When I walk into a room, I’m not only just paying attention to the furniture and accessories, but I’m looking at the floor and the finishes, and how they meet to the wall and the ceilings thinking, ‘What’s happening there?’"

And of course, making the cover of "Lifestyle" magazine is very cool. (Believe us, we know.)

But for Venus, it’s all part of the job.

Venus Williams: "I’m a behind-the-camera kinda girl, so sometimes I am — or really a lot of times. It is what it is, but it’s a lot of fun."

V Starr Interiors
4191 Main St.
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 744-7177

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