Upland South Beach throws pizza party during happy hour

Lynn loves happy hour. It’s full of laughter, fun and drinks. And, there’s another reason to fall in love with America’s favorite wind-down activity. Because one South Florida spot is turning happy hour into one insane pizza party.

Jennifer Jones-O’neil, Upland South Beach: “Happy hour is a great time. It’s good vibes, great energy, music, a lot of drinks flowing.”

At Upland South Beach, there’s an extra reason to smile every Friday afternoon.

Jennifer Jones-O’neil: “We have wines for $8, draft beers for $7, cocktails for $9.”

But this happy hour isn’t just about toasting to the weekend.

Jennifer Jones-O’neil: “We have a pizza party every Friday. We are calling it our Starr Summer Friday.”

No, your ears are not deceiving you.

The restaurant is giving away free pizza every Friday during happy hour, which is from 4 to 7 p.m.

Jennifer Jones-O’neil: “We set up a pizza station at the bar, so it’s not just drinks, you have free endlessly flowing pizza.”

Whether it’s cheese, pepperoni or some of Upland’s specialties like their pistachio … there are plenty of pies to pick from.

And you can grab as many slices as your heart (and stomach) desire.

Jennifer Jones-O’neil: “It’s unlimited slices of pizza and it is absolutely wonderful.”

So why hand out free pizza?

Jennifer Jones-O’neil: “Pizza is one of our signature items on our menu.”


Jennifer Jones-O’neil: “It’s great to share.”

And it sounds like it’ll have you wanting more and more.

Monica Ramirez, customer: “I was here last week, I came again and brought like 20 people with me and here we are holding up the bar, and I think I ate all those pizzas myself.”

Who are we kidding?

I’d eat them all too!

There’s also a way for you to win a pizza party from upland for you and your lucky friends. Head to the link below for more information.


Upland South Beach
49 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 602-9998

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