The biggest music party on the planet is underway here in the 305, and Deco’s chief electronic music and samba instructor, Sheldon Fox, is live at the party. You can almost hear the bass from here! One of the biggest music festivals in the world kicked off today right here in SoFlo, and Deco talked to the DJs and the fans to find out what makes Ultra so "ultra" awesome.

The gates are open and the party has officially begun. Ultra features over 80 DJs playing on seven stages. Thousands of fans are packing into Bayfront Park for the biggest dance party of the year.

Ultra-Goer 1:  "This is my first year going, and I’ve been living here, and this is like, since you’re little, you grow up looking at this since you’re small."

Ultra-Goer 2:  "I’m just so excited to be here. I’m so emotional. I’ve always wanted to be here."

It’s all about the music, but let’s get real: It’s also about the outfits.

Ultra-Goer 3: "Letting go and just being yourself. I feel like Ultra lets me be myself."

Ultra-Goer 4, dressed as a banana: "I don’t want to be common. I like bananas!"

W&W, DJ duo: "For us, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year because everyone from the scene is over here. You see all your friends that you normally see once a year."

When it comes to DJs, the fans have their favorites.
Ultra-Goers: "Hot Since 82 and Chet Faker."

Ultra-Goer 5: "Martin Garrix."

Martin Garrix: "It feels good to be back in Miami. I love the vibe here, The entire music industry is here in Miami, so it’s like a family reunion:"

Martin Garrix has been rehearsing all week for Ultra — in his hotel room.

Martin Garrix: "We basically in the hotel room, kicked out all the interior and just put our own screens and equipment there to rehearse the show. I’m excited. I’m gonna play a lot of new music."

Martin gave the other hotel guests a break when he took the stage, Friday, at 11 p.m.

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