Ultra Angels talk with Deco before hitting the stage at Ultra Music Fest

Ultra Music Festival kicks off tomorrow afternoon, and along with the super star DJ’s and amazing light shows, a team of dancers will keep the party going all night long. Deco caught up with the Ultra Angels.

Crews are putting the final touches on the Ultra Music Festival stages, and soon, thousands will hit Miami’s Bayfront Park for three days of music.

While DJ’s from all over the world will perform, they’ll be joined by a team of heavenly dancers — the Ultra Angels.

Katie Kansas, manager for Ultra Angels: “We are the dancers and performers for Ultra Music Festival worldwide. So we attend all the worldwide massive festivals. It’s a big production. I have 60 people on my team.”

Katie Kansas is the manager for the Angels, and dancing is just the first step.

Katie Kansas: “Mainly, we do choreography, but we also have aerialists and we have some stilt walkers sometimes.”

Planning the event is an ultra-intense experience.

Katie Kansas: “We have costuming, choreography, aerials, and Ultra Miami — there’s a lot of stages. We have to choreograph all the entrances, exits.”

Ultra puts on events all over the world, and the Angels are international women of mystery.

Katie Kansas: “Every year I hold auditions for the Ultra Angels. They start in November. I have found girls in every country, like Korea, Japan, all over South America. For me, I wanted to involve the world with just my group of girls.”

Katie’s been leading the Angels since 2011, and it’s become a family affair.

Katie Kansas: “It really is my second family. I actually spend more time with the Ultra crew than I do with my own family!”

Attending Ultra as a fan is an amazing experience, but seeing it from stage is just ultra cool.

Katie Kansas: “It’s all quite an experience. And then when you walk out on stage, you realize what s for, being out in front of 40,000 people. It’s amazing.”

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