Turtle, Frog, Night Angel square off in ‘Masked Singer’ season finale

What happens when a Turtle, a Frog and a Night Angel walk into a bar? Hopefully, they have a drink, because the competition is no joke tonight on “The Masked Singer: Road to the Finals.”

Night Angel: (singing) “I’ll call you when I need you.”

The top three will be taking their tunes to the next level.

Frog: (singing) “Oh, you’ve come to me.”

As “The Masked Singer” kicks of its two-part season finale Tuesday night.

Frog and Turtle: (singing) “It can’t be love, take my heart and make it strong.”

Last week, the Rhino made it to the top four, but singing “Simply the Best” wasn’t good enough. Sorry, Tina Turner.

Audience members: “Take it off!”

Nick Cannon: “World Series champion, Major League pitcher Barry Zito!”

Former professional baseball player Barry Zito was unmasked.

Barry Zito: “I was jumping at the opportunity at first, and when I really figured out how hard it was going to be, I was, like, ‘Wow, I don’t know if I can do this,’ second-guessing myself, but my wife, incredibly supportive, said, ‘Honey, you have to do this. You’re going to learn so much about yourself,’ and I did.”

Rhino: (singing) “Always stay humble and kind.”

Cue the waterworks. We’re already missing you, big guy.

Turtle: (singing) “You’re so sexy, beautiful, and everybody wants a taste, that’s why.”

The Turtle has been turnin’ it up every week.

Robin Thicke has an interesting take on his true identity.

Robin Thicke: “The first season of [‘American] Idol,’ this guy was a fan of my first album. In fact, he sang one of my songs on ‘American Idol,’ so I’m going to go with Justin Guarini.”

Night Angel: singing: “I just want you to know that you deserved the best. You’re beautiful.”

A voice from heaven. The Night Angel has been getting better with every performance.

Jay Pharoah: “From what I deduce, you were giving me strong En Vogue vibes, and I don’t know why.”

Jenny McCarthy: ‘Free Your Mind’ was a clue.”

Nicole Scherzinger: “I thought it was Dawn.”

Jay Pharoah: “Dawn. I’m going with Dawn from En Vogue.”

Frog: (singing) “Left side, right side, in the back.”

And every time Frog hops onto the stage, it’s toad-ally a good time.

Ken Jeong: “It might be someone from B2K. It might be Lil’ Fizz. Think about that.”

Nick Cannon: “You know who Lil’ Fizz is?!”

Fizz or not, we find out this week, when the finalists take it off.

The two-night “Masked Singer”season finale begins right after Deco, right here on 7.

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