Treat yourself to a chocolate massage at St. Somewhere Spa

You know what I could go for right about now? Some chocolate. And I wouldn’t mind a massage. Actually, I wouldn’t mind both. At a spot in Hollywood, they’re one in the same. The chocolate is the massage.

Danny DeVito bathed in it for the Super Bowl…

And now you can get massaged with it for a Valentine gift.

Margaritaville Beach Resort’s St. Somewhere Spa in Hollywood is inviting to treat your honey — or yourself — to a couple of treats.

Joanie Bowden: “We’re celebrating love the whole month of February.”

Joanie Bowden: “We wanted to create something sweet and fun, so we are unveiling our chocolate kiss facial and our chocolate massage.”

Why chocolate?

Besides that it tastes so good, of course.

Joanie Bowden: “It’s an antioxidant, it helps moisturize and soften the skin.”

The facial begins with a cleanse and exfoliation.

And then comes the good stuff — the chocolate mask.

Joanie Bowden: “People might think it’s a little strange to have chocolate applied to them, but I know that the benefits are well worth it and I know that they’ll be happy once they leave.”

If you’ve really got a sweet tooth — the massage is like dessert for your entire body.

Joanie Bowden: “With our chocolate massage, we use a chocolate essence, and we also have a cocoa powder combined with brown sugar scrub.”

Come to mama.

Irene Hernandez: “I would definitely gift this to some of my family members and some friends. I would definitely be coming back.”

And at St. Somewhere Spa, they like to treat you like every day is Valentine’s Day.

Joanie Bowden: “We receive great compliments on our service providers. Everyone wants to take them home with them when they’re done with their service.”

Not only that…

Irene Hernandez: “The linens were so soft. I was wondering what thread count they were.”

Us too, us too…

The facial and massage cost $109 a piece.

St. Somewhere Spa
1111 N Ocean Dr.
Hollywood, FL 33019
(954) 874-4444

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