Traymore Restaurant & Bar celebrates Miami Spice

Miami Spice is a two-month food fest. You get three courses and save big money. But now there’s a spot where, for Spice, you get even more bang for your buck.

When it comes to seafood, it doesn’t get much better than SoFlo seafood.

Iain Harrison, Traymore Restaurant & Bar: “The Traymore is a seafood-focused restaurant. We get seasonal seafood, fresh ingredients local from Miami, or at least Florida itself.”

The Traymore Restaurant & Bar at COMO Metropolitan is serving up some of the freshest seafood on South Beach. And this year, for Miami Spice, well, they’re spicing things up.

Iain Harrison: “Traditionally, Miami Spice is a three-course set menu for lunch or for dinner. This year we are doing something different. We are having an extra course for Friday lunchtime which will be a ceviche experience station.”

Friday’s three-course Spice lunch is now Friday’s four-course Spice lunch.

Amarylis Sanchez: “That’s definitely a great added value to the whole Miami Spice experience.”

And, every week, the Traymore’s featuring a ceviche from a different country.

Iain Harrison: “We’re having Peruvian ceviche one week, Colombian ceviche one week, Ecuadorian ceviche and then a Miami-style ceviche.”

So, along with a menu that includes your choice of pasta, steak or fish, you get a Friday freebie.

Iain Harrison: “We will have oyster ceviche, snapper ceviche, shrimp ceviche, octopus ceviche, and it will change around each week depending on the country he is featuring.”

Ceviche is seafood cooked in citrus, but what gets added in depends on the country or the chef. The Miami ceviche gets mango and cilantro, while Peruvian is classic, with sweet corn and tomatoes.

Iain Harrison: “For Colombian ceviche, we’re gonna be using octopus. Ecuadorian Ceviche is a bit more of a tomato-based ceviche, so we use more of a tomato-based cocktail kind of recipe.”

And you don’t have to go far if you want to know about the ceviche of the day.

Iain Harrison: “The ceviche station will be in the restaurant itself. The guests can come see the dish being prepared and also then ask any questions they may have.”

Amarylis Sanchez: “It’s very interactive. I really enjoyed talking to the chef. getting to know the ingredients and how they put it together to create this amazing ceviche.”

Twenty-three dollars for a four-course lunch on South Beach? Wow! What a steal! I just wish Miami Spice lasted longer.


Traymore Restaurant & Bar at COMO Metropolitan Miami
2445 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 695-3600

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