Taking a flight can be such a drag. Getting to the airport, fighting the crowds, going through security, taking your shoes off. And your belt. And your pants! But one South Florida inventor is trying to make your trip a little easier. Forget packing your bags, just pack a jacket.

Flying the friendly skies can be expensive. Airlines charge for everything these days,
especially luggage.

But one South Florida man thinks there’s a better way.

Gerardo Feterman: "It was a way to save. (laughs) That was the first idea. ‘How can I save the fees, the $35 each way?’"

Introducing the Travel and Sports Jacket. Forget lugging a bag. Now you can wear your bag.

Gerardo Feterman: "You can take clothes up for a week. You can take your toiletries because it has a special pocket."

The jacket has 20 pockets in all You can use vacuum bags to maximize space.

There’s room for your phone, a beverage and a handy clip for your sunglasses.

Need a little shut-eye?

Gerardo Feterman: "The hood is big enough to use as a sleep mask in case you want to relax a little when traveling."

And if you get too warm, the entire jacket turns into a bag.

Gerardo Feterman: "As you can see, it doesn’t look like a jacket."

The Travel and Sports Jacket sells for $129. Depending on your airline, it could pay for itself in just a few trips.

Gerardo Feterman: "We feel really proud of our invention, and we think it’s something that’ll change the way you travel."

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