Tori Spelling revisits ‘Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?’

Actress, reality show star and mother Tori Spelling is gearing up for a hell of a weekend. She’s got a horror flick coming out this Saturday! Deco spoke to Tori this morning, and she told us all about it.

Ivan Sergei (as Billy Jones): “Open it! Come out, we can fix things!”

Tori Spelling (as Laurel Lewisohn): “Leave me alone!”

That’s the 1996 film “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” — featuring Tori Spelling.

Tori Spelling: “The cult classic TV movie of all time that I did 20 years ago — and no one ever lets me forget that I did it 20 years ago. I did so many TV movies, and it’s the one people always talk about.”

Well, for fans there’s good news. A remake of the film is premiering this Saturday on Lifetime.

Tori Spelling (as Julie): “I’m actually really nervous for the day that Lea brings home a boyfriend from college.”

This time around, Tori Spelling is a shocked mom when her daughter brings home a girlfriend.

Tori Spelling: “In the first one, I played the daughter in peril. I had the dangerous boyfriend, and my overprotective mom thought he was dangerous, and she was right. And now in this one, I’m the overprotective mom.”

That’s because the girlfriend ends up being a supernatural being.

Amber Coney (as Sonté): “I’m a vampire.”

Emily Meade (Pearl): “What?”

The twist was brought by director James Franco, who decided to change things up a bit.

Tori Spelling: “He put his own spin on it and turned it into a lesbian vampire flick.”

Tori says the new flick has a little bit for everyone.

Tori Spelling: “It has the camp that’s needed to draw in the viewers from the first one, and then it has this sorta artsy love story in it, so it has a little bit of everything for everyone.”

So — if you haven’t seen the first one yet, you may totally want to.

Tori Spelling: “They get to this weekend! Because it’s a ‘Mother May I Sleep with Danger?’ weekend and Lifetime is replaying the original, plus like all of their iconic TV movies, old and new, and then premiering the remake.”

Tori Spelling (as Laurel Lewisohn): “I forbid you to see her again. She is dangerous.”

“Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” premieres this Saturday on Lifetime.

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