We now know the top three “MasterChef: Legends” contestants battling it out for the top prize. It’s all leading up to a pressure cooker of a finale. We talked to one of the guest judges about what’s in store.

Three home cooks go for the winning title on the next “MasterChef: Legends.”

Curtis Stone and Michael Cimarusti guest judge this final round — where tensions are high and the pressure is on.

Michael Cimarusti, celebrity chef: “I think the competitors were definitely feeling it. There was a lot on the line. I think the grand prize was a quarter million dollars. So, I mean, that’s life-changing money, but more than that, I feel like all three of those women who made it to the finale were, you know, they were just very, very focused on the work they had at hand. I feel like they were all really, really good chefs. They were preparing good food that, it wasn’t just good for home cooks, it was just good, period. They were very talented cooks.”

Mike says it was nice to see other contestants showing their support.

Michael Cimarusti: “They brought back all the other contestants that were kind of like, you know, the cheering section for those three women. It was great to see the relationships that had formed, too. They clearly all got along really well, and they clearly, you know, they were rooting for each other.”

In this professional chef’s opinion, all three finalists could make careers out of this experience.

Michael Cimarusti: “They could look back on the time that they spent as “MasterChef” as validation for the fact that there is talent there, there’s clearly drive. That’s half the battle no matter what business you want to get into, and the restaurant business included.”

You may not have known until now, but you’ve got a date Thursday night with “MasterChef: Legends.”

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