How do you fight a war that’s not even happening yet? Chris Pratt is learning on the fly. He’s time-traveling and battling aliens in his new Amazon Prime flick “The Tomorrow War,” and Miami is in the crosshairs, of course.

A message from the future.

Jasmine Mathews (as Lt. Hart): “Our enemy is not human. We need you to fight.”

A hero from the present.

Sam Richardson (as Charlie): “How are you so calm?”

Chris Pratt (as Dan): “Long story.”

Sam Richardson (as Charlie): “Are you ex-military?”

Chris Pratt (as Dan): “Yeah. Kind of a short story, I guess.”

In “The Tomorrow War,” Chris Pratt is trying to save humanity from an alien invasion happening 30 years from now, and considering the recent news that the U.S. government can’t rule out the possibility aliens exist…

Chris Pratt: “This is a documentary! People don’t realize that. It’s a documentary about time travel and alien attacks. Maybe. We’ll see, man. Who knows?”

That’s co-star Yvonne Strahovski sitting next to Chris. Their characters team up 30 years in the future.

Yvonne Strahovski (as Romeo Command): “We are literally living on borrowed time.”

She told Deco what she’d want her real life to be like then.

Yvonne Strahovski: “Sitting on an island, just relaxing in the sunshine, clear waters. Hopefully islands are still around in 30 years.”

If “The Tomorrow War” previews are any indication, Miami won’t be around. Look closely — that’s the 305 under attack.

We asked Chris what he’d want to save in SoFlo.

Chris Pratt: “The Dolphins. Not the animals, not the mammals that live in the sea, but the actual football team. It’s important to me that they get an opportunity to win a Super Bowl.”

Another Super Bowl win? From Chris’ lips to the gods of football’s ears.

And, since time travel is involved in the movie, Chris told Deco he’d would like to go back in time to relay a message to himself.

Chris Pratt: “2002 turning into 2003, the Delano Hotel in Miami, where young Chris was getting drunk at the bar, and I would say, ‘Hey, man, just keep on doing exactly what you’re doing. Don’t change a thing. It turns out great. Even though you’re probably riddled with anxiety, this acting thing is gonna work out.'”

“The Tomorrow War” will be available to stream on Amazon Prime starting July 2.

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