Maybe “Top Gun” coming out feels like it was just yesterday for you. Actually, nobody feels that way, because it’s been over three decades, but better late than never for a sequel, especially this one, right?

With the amount of stunts Tom Cruise is doing in the air, you might mistake this action flick for a documentary. In “Top Gun: Maverick” though, Tom’s iconic character has served for over 30 years, but he’s struggling to find relevancy today. I wonder if he’s tried TikTok?

Tom Cruise, this guy is like the ultimate movie star, partly because he always puts in the work.

Tom Cruise: “My whole life since I was 4, I wanted to make movies, and I remember being on the set of ‘Taps’ and thinking, ‘If I could make movies for the rest of my life, I would be so happy.'”

But forget ”Taps” for now. Can you believe the first “Top Gun” came out 36 years ago?

Tom Cruise: “It’s surreal that here we are, and I’m doing this.”

…in 1986.

Tom Cruise: “I was finally like, ‘This is now or never,’ and, look, I was always there. Everywhere I’d travel around the world, they always wanted a sequel.”

Well, here it is, “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Tom’s still got it. Although, Pete Mitchell doesn’t have enough, according to that hater, but that’s on purpose. Pete, or “Maverick,” is one of the Navy’s top aviators who’d rather push the envelope as a test pilot than advance in rank.

Tom Cruise: “It was challenging on, I have to say, on every single level.”

Well, with Tom flying around up there, doing all his own stunts.

Jon Hamm: “It’s not surprising to me that he went out and became an accomplished pilot, because of course, he did.”

Jon Hamm, who plays the boss, Vice Admiral Cyclone, is also in awe of the Navy.

Jon Hamm: “You know, they’re going out to land on an aircraft carrier. That’s what they’re going to do. Sounds like a fun day, you know?”

But when Maverick trains graduates for a special assignment…

Miles Teller: “I know Tom didn’t want it to be any green screen. He wanted all the actors to be in the jets because we had to be certified to fly over water in case we had to eject.”

…Including Rooster, the son of his co-pilot “Goose” from the original, played by Miles Teller.

Miles Teller: “I can’t tell you how many dudes wear the aviators and still talk about Goose.”

He has to confront the ghosts of his past and his deepest fears.

“Top Gun: Maverick” hits theaters everywhere May 27.

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