Tom Cruise at the ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ premiere

Tom Cruise doesn’t talk to just anyone, but he does talk to Deco. We hit him up at the premiere of “Jack Reacher.” Deco’s chief reacher hound Chris Van Vliet is here with more.

When Tom Cruise calls, Deco answers. We flew all the way to the big easy to meet with the actor on the red carpet and talk about his new action flick.

Tom is back and cooler than ever.

In “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back,” Tom serves up some serious pain. But last night, in New Orleans, Tom — one of the biggest stars in the world — seemed as humble as can be.

When we asked if meeting fans on the red carpet ever gets old — Tom was firm:

Tom Cruise: “Never, never, never.”

Tom and his co-stars stepped out to greet fans at the premiere. Turns out, Tom was as excited as they were.

Tom Cruise: “I’m a film lover first and foremost, and I’m the person that’s going to line up the movies on Friday night, so I think about that audience no matter what kind of film I’m making.”

As for what audiences should expect from this thriller, Tom says be ready for something different.

Tom Cruise: “This film with Jack Reacher, they’re gonna get a very unique kind of entertainment, very unique character, very involving kind of action and story. That’s what I love, I love a great story.”

And speaking of action, this time, Reacher is joined by a tough major played by Cobie Smulders. The two fight to prove their innocence, and stay alive.

Cobie Smulders: “It’s out of necessity. Our characters are basically trying to survive, so there is a lot of action.”

She’s just being modest. The girl packs a punch. Just ask the action pro himself.

Tom Cruise: “The physicality that she brought to it is perfect. I couldn’t wait when we started working on this. I wanted her for this role. I couldn’t think of anyone else to play this character.”

Tom was the first one on the red carpet and the last one to leave. He signed autographs, took pictures and talked to fans for at least two hours.

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