The lockdown brought a lot of people together, including James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan. In the new movie “Together,” these two really don’t want to be stuck in tight quarters. They put the “fun” in dysfunctional and will have you calling a relationship counselor ASAP.

James McAvoy (as He): “The only thing keeping us together is our child, Arthur. First of all, you gave me a great son.”

Sharon Horgan (as She): “I didn’t give him to you.”

James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan play a couple whose relationship is tested during the COVID lockdown in Great Britain.

Sharon Horgan (as She): “We should have never got together in the first place.

James McAvoy (as He): “Madness.”

Sharon Horgan (as She): “You know, is this a lockdown phenomenon? Are other people experiencing it?”

It’s a test they’re failing.

James McAvoy (as He): “I hate your face.”

Sharon Horgan (as She): “My face?”

James McAvoy (as He): I hate your face.”

Sharon Horgan (as She): “Oh, you hate my face?”

James McAvoy (as He): “Its just your face. I hate it.”

James and Sharon told Deco that most of the time they’re at each others’ throats, but that’s how they show they care.

James McAvoy: “It is an emotional, comedic, traumatic, roller coaster ride through the pandemic and a dysfunctional, functional relationship.”

Sharon Horgan (as She): “What I feel for you is so weird.”

James McAvoy (as He): “Are you trying to say you love me?”

Sharon Horgan (as She): “What I am trying to say … I sort of love you.”

Sharon Horgan: “They love and hate each other. They passionately hate each other, or have passionately loved each other, but it’s a complex love that is hard to define.”

This movie is all about the pronouns.

Sharon Horgan: “They’re not given names in the film. It’s ‘He’ and ‘She.’ They never call each other by their names.”

James “Did we ever play with names? Did we ever make names up for each other. I don’t think we did.”

Sharon Horgan: “It was weird because we had to keep calling, wh-wh-what? He and She.”

You become part of this crazy family, ’cause they talk directly to the camera.

James McAvoy: “Whenever I watch something on film, and somebody breaks the fourth wall, I’m like, bring it, ’cause all you’ve got once the actor does that is the connection between the actor and audience. It is bold to do that for the bulk of 90 minutes, but not entirely, but it’s a joy.”

It’s like we’re all in their house … together!

James McAvoy (as He): “I cried in the bath yesterday. The bath.”

“Together” opens up its feelings to moviegoers starting Friday.

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