Discovering the exquisite and one-of-a-kind time pieces by jewelry designer, Sevan Biçakçi. They’re totally, #DropDeadGorgeous and then some 💫

I don’t wear a watch. I know, I know, so WHY am I doing a blog about one? Because “Timeless Beauty” with Sevan Biçakçi has simply bewitched me, that’s why. Let me explain…

As a television journalist, I live and die by the clock. I have multiple daily deadlines; meaning I’m constantly trying to outsmart, outdo and/or outrun father time. So, on my precious days off, reminding myself how little or how much time I have to enjoy myself with a *watch* isn’t exactly relaxing (no matter how cool the technology is.)

When I’m not at the Deco Drive studios, I try my best to live in the moment and if I do have Pilates, a blog shoot, a hair appointment or a dinner date, I look at my phone and leave my wrists responsibility-free. It’s the only way I can remain sane in our “time-driven, phone addicted, social media obsessed society.”

But — for whatever reason — when Sevan Biçakçi’s email slid into in my inbox a few weeks ago announcing the designer’s foray into timepieces, it peaked my curiosity. So, I clicked & scrolled down to the pictures. WOW! It was awe-inspiring, to say the least. My mind was #shooketh, fashionably speaking, and I knew, right then and there, I had to change my mind about wearing a watch. What’s more, I knew I had to feature one of his fabulous time pieces on #FavoriteThings.

Sevan, who’s no stranger to Hollywood’s elite (they love wearing his ornate one-of-a kind rings,) has officially upped the ante with the debut of his new watch collection; which he describes as “slow luxury.” Meaning, his elaborate timepieces are meant to evoke a feeling, not tell you when to run your next errand. Even the designer himself admits telling time on one of his watches isn’t necessarily the goal; it’s about hiding the time, slowing things down and enjoying life and perhaps, its finer things — like, say, one of his creations.

One glance at his 85-piece collection, which was recently showcased at Watches & Wonders Miami, and you’ll understand exactly what the Istanbul artist is talking about. His timepieces are pure decadence; taking years to cultivate and create. Not only that, they possess qualities of the mystical and magical, which Sevan’s jewelry is known for. FYI, pictures don’t even do his detailed and impeccable fashionings justice.

In “Timeless Beauty,” I’m wearing the “Naiads” — which in Greek mythology is a female spirit who presides over bodies of fresh water like fountains, springs, brooks and streams. The gorgeous timepiece is flanked with dragonflies (my spirit nymph) made of 24-karat gold, sterling silver and features over 40 carats of diamonds with sapphire crystals. My favorite part of the watch is the reverse engraved dragonfly on its crystal face, not to mention its graceful carved gemstone dial. #YouFeelMeNow?

Of all the places in the world Sevan could set up shop, he chose Miami and our inspiring Design District for his second boutique. An electrifying thought when you discover his only other store is in his native Turkey. When it comes to “Timeless Beauty,” the beyond-talented designer is making Miami all the more magical and he’s officially turned me into a bonafide watch-wearer and that’s why it’s one of my #FavoriteThings.

Seven Biçakçi
Miami Design District
140 NE 39th Street
Suite 205
Miami, Florida 33137

Monday-Saturday: 11 A.M – 8 P.M
Sunday: 12 P.M. – 6 P.M.
For more pictures visit www.ShireenSandoval.com

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IG: @sevanbicakcijewellry
FB: @SevanBicakci

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.” — Anonymous

James Woodley Photography
watch: The Naiads by @sevanbicakijewellry
(price available upon request)
blue dress: #BCBGSouthBeach
clutch: @bohme.boutique London
earrings: @swarovski New York
ring: (a gift from Dad)
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
Editor: Matthew “Hour Back” Auerbach

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