These 2 businesses turned Farm Stores into gourmet food drive-thrus

There are plenty of places to eat in South Florida with really great food. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet checked out a couple of spots where the building they cook in, is as interesting as the food they serve.

I can promise you, you’ve never seen a drive in like this before! Not only is the food way better, the buildings these restaurants are might be even more surprising.

Drive-thru restaurants are getting a make over, thanks to places like NQC in Miami Lakes.

Mylo Gonzalez, owner: “NQC stands for ‘no quiero cocinar,’ which in English means ‘I don’t want to cook.’ What we are trying to do is a concept based on gourmet drive- thru.”

This app-based spot serves gourmet food – fast.

Mylo Gonzalez: “You just have to go on the app, order the food and in minutes, your order will be complete.”

After you order, the app tells you when to pick up goodies like turkey frita bowl or a frita sandwich that’s over a foot long.

And when you get it, if you grew up in SoFlo, the look of the building dishing out the grub may be familiar.

Mylo Gonzalez: “What we got was a typical Farm Store and we did a full conversion into a drive-thru gourmet restaurant.”

The shape of these drive up convenience stores stands out, and NQC turned one into a restaurant.

Mylo Gonzalez: “Farm Stores are very Miami-ish. It’s been around for over 40 years.”

It was a convenience store, and getting spinach croquettes or a sealed growlier seems convenient to me.

Manny Lozano, customer: “Living in the neighborhood, I used to see this when it was abandoned and what he turned it into was amazing.”

Mylo Gonzalez: “Two years ago, this was a Farm Store and you could pick up a carton of eggs. Now you an pick up an egg sandwich instead.”

The folks at Pauloluigi had a pie in the sky idea when it came to their Kendall restaurant.

Paul Shalaj, co-owner: “We are drive-thru and just like going to any chain store, you place your order and wait 10 minutes and you got your food ready. But it would be great if you could call ahead, just drive through, pay for it and you’re up and gone.”

This old school Italian spot has hand tossed pizza and home-made pasta.

Think penne ala vodka or stuffed eggplant pizza.

Paul Shalaj: “Our menu is famous for authentic Italian food. You’re talking about lasagna, chicken parm.”

But what the restaurant used be, has as much history as their old family recipes.

Paul Shalaj: “Our Kendall location used to be a Farm Store. The location is perfect size, perfect location.”

Andy Rodriguez, customer: “It’s very convenient. You drive up and drive around. I just came up grabbed by order.”

It’s a new business with the same traditional convenience.

Paul Shalaj: “The Farm Store is gone but we are here.”

Pauloluigi also has a location in Coconut Grove, but that one isn’t a drive through.


NQC Miami
6189 Miami Lakes Dr.
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
(305) 556-4838

9605 N Kendall Drive
Miami, FL, 33176
(305) 697-4992

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