News flash: Summer isn’t just for kids, and now, neither is summer camp.

One South Beach hotel is offering a different kind of camp for adult age children like you.

This isn’t your typical workout class.

And this isn’t your average arts and crafts session…

Susan Alexandra: “We’re gonna make some beaded pieces.”

It’s summer camp for grown-ups at the W South Beach Hotel.

Samantha Radlein: “Camp W South Beach is a collection of summer activities and events for locals and hotel guests.”

Think of it as the best of both worlds! Because Camp W is taking traditional camp activities and giving them an adult twist.

Samantha Radlein: “Just like the summer camp you went to in your youth: We have movies. We have crafts. We have barbecue. We have water sports. It’s gonna be the best.”

Wanna get in shape? Try tennis lessons or group workouts!

Fitness instructor: “We’re gonna do one more round!”

Feeling crafty? Make yourself some old school beaded jewelry at Susan Alexandra’s beading workshop!

Susan Alexandra: “In this bead box, you have everything you need to make any accessory. I make anklets. I make bracelets. I make necklaces. And it’s really fun to see what people create and what comes out of their brains and how creative people are.”

And forget a basic bonfire, because you’re getting an entire cookout and a movie under the stars!

Samantha Radlein: “This is a more adult camp because instead of smores, we have caviar. Instead of bug juice, we have cocktails, and we have the best music and the best entertainment on the beach.”

You don’t have to be staying at the hotel to sign up for camp, but you do get some sweet swag if you are, and one of those items, the canteen, has its perks.

Samantha Radlein: “You can take it all around property to every single bar and fill it up any time you need. The camp cocktail is a basil smash. It’s made of strawberries, Sipsmith gin, and muddled mint.”

Ria Michelle: “I am absolutely loving camp from crafting and the cookout. It’s so much fun. I never got to go camp as a kid, so it’s really great to experience this as an adult with the W.”

The next camp is from July 8-11.

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