If you’re doing great with your 2016 resolutions, working-out like an animal and dieting like an athlete, you’re probably really looking forward to a cheat day. And we know just the thing with the help of Cupcake Galleria, a new sweets boutique in Davie. We’re getting our cheat on, without any guilt. Tonight, "The Sweet Life" is one of Shireen’s favorite things.     

When it comes to sweet treats…

Charlie Flanders: "Everybody is happy when they eat a cupcake. No matter who you are."

The new and totally adorable cupcake galleria in Davie has the latest and greatest in cakey goodness.

Charlie Flanders: "Here are your cupcakes, we have them ready for you."

Shireen Sandoval: "When it comes to cupcakes, what are your top sellers?"

Charlie Flanders: "Strawberry milkshake and Oreo cookies and cream."

Owner Charlie Flanders says her sweet retreat has been a labor of love.

Charlie Flanders: "I had to convince my husband that I wanted to be a baker and open up this shop and he was like, ‘Are you crazy?’"

The idea came after Charlie sent cupcakes to school with her daughter.

Charlie Flanders: "Her friends would always say, ‘Omg your mom should open up a shop.’ I was like, ‘I’m not gonna leave my cop job to be baking cupcakes. That’s not gonna happen.’"

You heard her, Charlie used to be a police officer until baked goods came a-calling.

Charlie Flanders: "We are a true boutique cakery, we have a cupcake bar. Everything here is made from scratch, from our buttercream to our cupcakes. We do 14 flavors daily and everything is baked everyday in here."

But that’s not all. Can you say, cake shake?

Shireen Sandoval: "Tell me exactly what a cake shake is, I’ve never heard of that."

Charlie Flanders: "A cake shake is when you take a whole cupcake, cram it with ice cream, sprinkles and whipped cream. Mix it all together and top it with another cupcake through the straw."

With the help of one of my fave vintage stores, L.A. Boudoir Miami. We celebrated cupcake fashions with feminine and frilly frocks inspired by the ’50s. And yes, the props were real and yes, I had a bite or maybe two.  
Sweet treats you can’t get anywhere else? Charlie’s cupcakes and milkshake bring all the boys and girls to the yard and then some. That’s why it’s one of my favorite things.  

You can shop the cupcake vintage blog looks at Art Deco this weekend. It’s Jan. 15 through the Jan. 17 on Ocean Drive. L.A. Boudoir will be there, you can find them with their giant pink pin-up sign.  


Cupcake Galleria
6947 Stirling Rd.
Davie, FL 33314
(844) 522-5379

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