‘The Story of Fire Saga’ and others streaming this weekend on various platforms

(WSVN) - Here’s a look at what is streaming this weekend.

Steve Carell as Gary Zimmer in “Irresistible”: “I’d like to offer my services. Could we quiet the cows please? To help you run for mayor.”

Can you resist the new political comedy “Irresistible”?

Starring Steve Carell and Rose Byrne and Jon Stewart in charge, we doubt it.

Erik Davis, movie commentator: “It’s about what happens when, when big city politics sort of invade small town, as the democratic strategist wants to get a former veteran to win mayor of this town. A movie that doesn’t really take either side democratic or republican.”

Eurovision’s song contest, “The Story of Fire Saga” is new on Netflix.

Erik Davis, movie commentator: “Will Ferrell, of course, and Rachel McAdams playing a Icelandic music duo who gets the shot of their dreams to be Iceland’s sort of choice entry into the Eurovision song contest. It really is about kind of chasing the dreams and and shooting for the moon.”

Spike Lee’s 1989 classic “Do the Right Thing” is free this week.

The American Film Institute is also hosting a discussion with spike on Youtube.

Erik Davis, movie commentator:  “It takes place in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, where racial tensions are sort of flaming up on the hottest day of the summer around this Italian owned pizzeria. “Do the Right Thing” is just as timely today as it was when we back in the 80s’ when Spike Lee made it. And I would recommend pairing it with “Da 5 Bloods”, which is on Netflix right now, which I think is a fantastic film from Spike Lee.”

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