The stars cut loose in ‘Office Christmas Party’

Before they hit the red carpet, the cast of “Office Christmas Party” had to film the movie. Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and T.J. Miller gave Deco the scoop on this hilarious holiday flick.

Kate McKinnon (as Mary): “Tonight, the decisions you make will have consequences for your entire lives.”

For the Vanstone family and their company — the holidays will never be the same.

Daniel Jackson (as Jesus): “It’s my birthday.”

Jason Bateman (as Josh Parker): “Really committing, that’s nice.”

Take an over achieving sister and her slacker brother — add in an out of control holiday party… and you’ve got — “Office Christmas Party.”

Jennifer Aniston: “I’m sort of the grinch who wants to steal Christmas away from all of these hard working employees who aren’t doing as good of a job as they should be doing.”

Jennifer Aniston plays the straight-laced CEO of a family business. T.J. Miller is her fun-loving brother, whose branch of the biz isn’t doing very well.

T.J. Miller: “He thinks the workplace should be as fun as it is a place to work, and he really likes the idea of corporate culture as a family, not a cult of profit.”

When the branch’s future is in question, it’s up to the employees, led by Jason Batemen to win over a new client.

Jason Bateman: “He is trying to keep the office running at a good clip, and being productive and making sure everything stays professional.”

The solution to the business woes — an epic Christmas party.

T.J. Miller: “It’s a celebration of letting go one day a year in an office environment. Letting go and not being afraid of being sued or fired for saying something you shouldn’t have to your boss.”

What can go wrong when you mix… A city wide E-vite blast… An open bar… A slip and slide.. and some live reindeer?

Jason Bateman: “They try too hard. It leaves the office and we hit the streets in Chicago in the middle of the night and things escalate for sure.”

Sure, the cast has been to their share of parties… But not one like this.

Jennifer Aniston: “In my field I’ve never been to an office Christmas party. So this is a whole new world for me to wrap my head around.”

I think we need their party planner for the next office party.

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