The Spot Barbershop offers funky, colorful Valentine’s Day haircuts

For centuries, women have been making a statement with their hair. Now, thanks to one SoFlo stylist, guys can, too. Deco’s Alex Miranda is always a cut above — and has the story.

The most romantic place in SoFlo this Valentine’s Day might be a barber shop.

Mike Risco, The Spot Barbershop: “Every guy is going to come with a bouquet of flowers, but hey, if you come back with her name on the back of your head, or maybe a cool heart design, you might get lucky that night. You might get a better chance.”

At The Spot, they’re getting creative for couples this year, freestyling various words of affirmation on your hubby’s head.

“You can get a heart. You can get an ‘I love you.’ Whatever your crush’s name, you can get that design on your head, something that will make you stand out”

Alex Miranda: “But I also saw pencils and stuff. It comes with colors, too?”

Mike Risco: “You’ve got colors. Whatever you can think of, we can make it happen at The Spot.”

More on that later. And since Mike and I both have valentines this year, we figured, why not surprise them with a sweet little something?

Alex Miranda: “Are you going to put an engagement ring?”

Mike Risco: “Oh! Now the pressure is on. I don’t think we’re there yet.”

Well, we’ve got our fingers crossed. but for now, Mike was first up. His barber started with the heart.

Alex Miranda: “Awww, isn’t that cute?”

Then, added wings, some final touches and, voila! I think he likes it … but will mine bring me love?”

Alex Miranda: “Can you see mine?”

Mike Risco: “Yeah, I see you.”

To find out, I told Wilfred to go full Valentine’s … but I didn’t know he was also planning to go full Deco!

Alex Miranda: “All right, Wilfred, show me. Oh, my gosh. Wow, Lynn and Shireen, this goes to show you how much I love the two of you that I would do this on Valentine’s Day. Muah!”

Two more words: marriage material.

Alex Miranda: “All right, Mike, let’s take a peek. Oh, my gosh, That’s amazing! Look, that is amazing.”

Mike Risco: “Pretty cool, right?”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah. it looks like a tattoo.”

Mike Risco: “I think you got me beat, though.”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, mine’s got the personality, right? This is really Miami.”

The Spot Barbershop

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