The Scarf Man unwraps a new trend

It’s hot, steamy and going to rain, said the weather man every day for the last two weeks. Never fear, the Marrero Collection is here. With scarves and cover-up’s to keep you looking “summer chic” — tonight, it’s one of my favorite things.

Looking chic in a hundred degrees doesn’t have to be impossible, thanks to Carlos Marrero, AKA the “Scarf Man.”

Bye-bye bad hair days.

Carlos Marrero, Scarf Man: “People always say, ‘Why scarves in So-Flo? That doesn’t go.’ And I say, ‘Have you ever had a bad hair day? Who are you?'”

We met up with the designer poolside at Loews Miami Beach Hotel to get deets on dressing in the summer heat.

Carlos Marrero: “Tie it around your jeans as a belt, tie it as a sarong, tie it as a top, braid it into your hair.”

Carlos created the Marrero Collection by transferring his graphic art onto silk in 2014.

Carlos Marrero: “It’s like you’re wrapped in a Mona Lisa or a Picasso. You’re wrapped in a Marrero.”

Caitlyn Jenner is a fan — wearing them on reality TV.

The Bella twins on Hollywood Medium and Cynthia Bailey on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Carlos Marrero: “When you see people in Paris and in Florence walking around with a scarf it just elevates the look.”

Now, Carlos is releasing a capsule collection of swimsuit cover-up’s.

Carlos Marrero: “I decided to go black and white — simple but very, very sophisticated. Very chic.”

Each look can take you from poolside to cocktail party.

Carlos Marrero: “What I want is for this woman to walk down the beach or to get out of the pool and people say ‘OMG who is she? I need to know that girl. That is the it girl.'”

I scarfed up Carlos’ tips, tying different designs in, around and through my hair — perfect for our hot and humid days.

Carlos Marrero: “That hair needs to be tamed! You’re giving me lion!”

Don’t let summer slap you around!

In the Marrero Collection, they’ll never see you sweat — that’s why it’s one of my favorite things.

The Marrero Collection looks were styled by the very talented Gabreila Medina.

By the way, Carlos and his creations will be featured on the Home Shopping Network this fall.


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